Connect with Email+IM+Social Networking sites in one go with Digsby

We login on to several email account, IM, social networking sites everyday and login every account separately. It’s too difficult to remember every account login and password. Here is a solution to login to all account in one go with Digsby. You can connect with several email account, IM and social networking sites in just one login away. You can connect with……..

Email Account:- Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, POP, IMAP.

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IM Account:- MSN, Gtalk, AIM, Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Myspace IM, ICQ, Jabber.

Social Network:- Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter.

You can do lot of thing with this application like skin change, file transfer, widget etc. You will get the update every time when you will have any new email or update in a particular account with multitasking popups.

Some Key features

  • Manager multiple conversations with drag and drop option.
  • Finding old chat conversations easily.
  • Manager all email, IM and social network sites.
  • You can insert chat widget on your blog or website.
  • Multitasking popup update through you can reply instantly.

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