Track My Payment Reconciliation Version 1.0


  • Input three type of data, Dispatched Orders, Returned Order and Payments in the respective sheets.
  • 100% Safe and secure.
  • Accurate, easy to understand, performance analytics.
  • Licence for 1 PC Lifetime
  • Please check our Refund Policy


  1. Input Data in bulk from the marketplace CSV file
  2. Manage payments
  3. Manage returns
  4. Manage claims
  5. Manage marketplaces
  6. Sales analysis dashboard 
  7. Add marketplace
  8. Add return reason
  9. Accurate Result on the basis of inputs.
  10. No dependency on the expertise.
  11. Easy to use.
  12. Easily identified, how much did the marketplace charge?
  13. Easily identified best performing marketplace.
  14. No dependency on the technology to get an accurate result.
  15. No scope for error.
  16. Time-Saving
  17. Refraining yourself to enter or check every payment one by one.

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