About Track My Payment

E-commerce market is likely to grow ten-fold in next five years to reach $100 billion due to internet penetration and increase in the smart phone users across rural areas.

E-commerce business for sellers has many challenges from getting orders till receiving the payment. It seems to be easy earning on e-com but managing the payment is quite difficult as market place do several payment entries for particular order in case of customer return or courier return.

We come up with the product which will help you to manage your payments against each orders. Manage your business hassle free and know your profits.

Input following to get accurate result

Dispatched Orders
Returned Orders

What you can manage

  1. Manage payments
  2. Manage returns
  3. Manage claims
  4. Manage marketplaces
  5. Sales analysis dashboard 
  6. Add marketplace
  7. Add return reason


  1. Accurate Result on the basis of inputs.
  2. No dependency on the expertise.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Easily identified, how much did the marketplace charge?
  5. Easily identified best performing marketplace.
  6. No dependency on the technology to get accurate result.
  7. No scope of error.

Product Features

Sales Analytics
Analyze your sales & performance across channels
Support All Marketplaces
See all the data at one place
Accurate Result
Basis on Input